Links I Love

1. Deconstructing Suess :  What Dr. Suess Didn’t Tell Us

“He Never Told Us It Could Be So Bad!”

2. Wednesday:  Ashes and Death

“We refuse to consider that each of us are constantly moving closer to our own deaths. And we convince ourselves that we have control over the reality of living and dying…until the cancer, the terror, the tragedy.

It’s Ash Wednesday. So let these ashes remind us that what we need is not the avoidance of age, the fear of our own endings, but the glory of healing, of purpose, of life lived fully.”

3.  How to Really Fight For Your Marriage

Do you fight for yours?  Please, do not be so arrogant to assume yours is safe from harm.

4.  A BLOG POST: The memory of a child is long?!

“It dawned on me that…

How I talk to him matters.

How he sees me talking to Jessica matters.

How he witnesses me being angry or frustrated or impatient… it matters.

How I engage him matters…

How I listen and watch and respond matters…”

5.  The Quest for Biblical Womanhood

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